Global Challenges

Cinnamon Challenge
Global challenges will be the needed breakthroughs, threatening situations and circumstances confronting humanity globally in diverse domains. These are unresolved conflicts, unanswered questions, unsolved problems and unverified results plaguing humanity globally. Though global challenges appear as threats, from my research in relation to the views of other great thinkers, I assert that, global challenges are the sign post of each and every century, pointing and directing humanity into a destination bigger and higher than what humanity has ever attained.

Cinnamon Challenge
Global challenges sometimes appear as great monsters, projecting fear and dread. But the truth is that, they always form the plat- form for every new trend of civilization. It is worthwhile to note that, global challenges are certainly not accidents, neither is it coincidences. They are element of the package for every generation. The truth is, there is no generation whose experiences could be complete without global challenges. Minus challenges, life will lack its "savour and flavour". "The savour and flavour" of life are natural to the exploration of challenges in the quest for new breakthroughs.

Global challenges feature pressure to every generation to provoke and unveil the hidden abilities in humans for new insight, ideas, information, inventions, innovations, creations and discoveries relative to the needs of humanity inside a century. Global challenges might be physical, social, economical, political, environmental and scientific naturally etc. It is unfortunate that though global challenges are vehicles to convey humanity to destination humanity hasn't ever known, most of the times humanity shies faraway from these challenges as a result of limited understanding and mental underdevelopment.

It requires advancement in human understanding to perceive opportunities in challenges, and look at challenges coming from a positive perspective. When opportunities are perceived in challenges, and challenges are viewed from a positive perspective, it is possible for humanity to confront challenges, to take out the treasures in darkness and also the riches in secret places. Nothing drives humanity towards divinity like challenges. Divinity embodies the original principles which define the operational dynamics of life. These principles embody undiscovered solutions regarding all of life's demands. Nothing drives humanity into profound and prolific discoveries like challenges.

The generation using the greatest challenges could be the generation with the greatest opportunities for outstanding and startling discoveries. Nothing defines a generation like her challenges thus; defining moments ever sold in every century are moments every time a generation arises to confront her challenges with the quest for new breakthroughs. The generations which became legends in their days, were those that made outstanding and startling discoveries by the challenges they confronted in divers domains.

The Wright Brothers challenged the belief of the Edinburgh society of engineers as well as the general belief of time that, a metal object cannot fly, by their invention from the aeroplane. The belief of the time was a scientific and technological challenge which needed a generation radical enough inside their scientific and technological belief to confront the myth that a metal object couldn't fly. The faith with the Wright Brothers and their courage to confront and challenge the belief of their time is the thing that unveiled their hidden technological abilities which made them celebrities, heroes and legends of their time.

Great names of all time are always associated with individuals whose courage was better than the challenges of their times, in breaking new grounds, examining new frontiers, pioneering new ideas, confronting old traditions and attempting what humanity was frightened of. The 21st century is here now with its own global challenges, will humanity be brave enough to confront these challenges to be able to birth a new civilization? Or am i going to crawl away in fear and forfeit our defining moment and chance to make startling and outstanding discoveries legendary for this dispensation? "The ball is in our court" We either made a decision to play and become heroes in our time or we chose to not play and become victims of our lives.